Plagiarism! How to protect yourself from your diploma thesis?

Plagiarism is something that should not happen when writing a thesis.

Practice shows that plagiarisms often happen not only in scientific works but also, for example, in music.

Plagiarism is the appropriation of some or all of someone else’s work with the granting of the rights to its authorship. This applies to any song regardless of its form. It can be a picture, graphics, photography, song, poem, scientific publication or book. This also applies to works such as bachelor’s thesis, master’s thesis or doctoral thesis. . There is basically every appropriation, whether it’s one sentence, chapter or paragraph. Some students have a misconception that the contents of the Internet are public domain, so there is no need to give their source, nothing is more wrong. When using the information contained in the web in your diploma thesis, we should provide full footnote data about the author, the title of the song and the site (link to the website).

Not only the use of the text itself is plagiarism, but also a drawing, table or chart.

We do not act differently in the case of citing paragraphs of the act, contract, regulation, etc.

What is not plagiarism then? When writing a master’s, bachelor’s or engineering thesis, we can use obvious, commonly known statements such as “UK is a member state of the European Union” and professional terms and formulations, especially used in legal or medical language.

Plagiarism and its types.

I also distinguish two types of plagiarism: explicit and hidden. This is nothing else but rewriting all or part of someone else’s work and signing it with your own name. Plagiarism hidden is no longer so obvious, it is still someone else’s thoughts or concepts, but in a changed form, woven into their own arguments. It is understandable that both forms of plagiarism are unacceptable in the diploma thesis, while in practice plagiarism is very often used in bachelor’s, master’s, engineering or even doctoral theses from many different fields. In general, remember that by copying from someone, we may not acquire the necessary knowledge that will be useful in the future. So dear students, write good works and beware of the anti-plagiarism program!

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